Nature Connected

Nature Connected is the Government and LEP endorsed Local Nature Partnership for the Liverpool City Region. The Liverpool City Region has unique natural assets - a strength which sets us apart.   Stretching from our famous coastline to our estuaries, our urban parks and green spaces, including our rural hinterland, the richness and diversity of the Liverpool City Region’s natural environment is unique.


 Nature Connected provides strategic leadership and direction to enhance, harness and celebrate our Natural Assets, and with our partners, mobilise resources to protect and manage them for their intrinsic value, and to support sustainable economic growth and improved quality of life.

Nature Connected is co-ordinating the development of priorities, including:

  • Natural Assets - advocacy and leadership for the natural environment and natural economy;
  • Natural Delivery - such as the Green Infrastructure programme;
  • Natural Prosperity - through initiatives such as rethinking our parks and green spaces to improve and enhance quality of place, quality of life and health and well being;
  • Natural influence -  co-operating in plans and strategies including those of the LEP and health sector;
  • Natural Connects - working with partners over a wider geography such as Atlantic Gateway Parklands;
  • Natural Resilience - showing how working with and connecting with nature can built a resilience and sustainable economy.

MEAS sits on the Board and provides technical support to Nature Connected.   The Mersey Forest provides the secretariat and Gideon Ben-Tovim is the Chair.  MEAS is working across a range of Nature Connected priorities through the management and task and finish groups (e.g. emerging Ecological Network) with a particular focus on attracting funding to delivery action on the ground.