Waste Local Plan

The documents listed below are some of the key documents which were developed during the course of the production of the Waste Local Plan and subsequent monitoring phase.

Waste Local Plan 20 November 2014 (pdf 4.81 MB)
Site Profiles 1 October 2014 (pdf 3.43 MB)
Sustainability Appraisal 20 November 2014 (pdf 2.15 MB)
Consultation Statement 1 October 2014 (pdf 1.27 MB)
Waste Plan Needs Assessment 2011 16 September 2014 (pdf 937 KB)
Waste Plan - Inspector's Report following Examination in Public 16 September 2014 (pdf 452 KB)
Catalogue of all WLP Documents 1 October 2014 (pdf 148 KB)
WLP Monitoring Report 2013-14 22 January 2015 (pdf 1.62 MB)
WLP Monitoring Report 2014-15 16 June 2016 (pdf 2.07 MB)
WLP Monitoring Report 2015-16 23 November 2016 (pdf 1.86 MB)
WLP Monitoring Report 2016-17 2 February 2018 (pdf 1.75 MB)
WLP Monitoring Report 2017-18 26 April 2019 (pdf 1.8 MB)
WLP Monitoring Report 2018-19 3 July 2020 (pdf 1.99 MB)

There are about 250 documents in the WLP library. They are all listed in the catalogue above. If you would like to view any of the documents listed in the catalogue please ask via the Contact Us form available within the "Core Work" section of this website.

Waste Local Plan Policies : Guidance

Guidance documents have been provided to assist developers in complying with specific Waste Local Plan policies. These are listed below. If new guidance is developed, appropriate documents will be added to this section in future.

Checklist for WM8 (Waste Minimisation) Compliance 20 November 2014 (dotx 35 KB)
WM13 WM15 Guidance Dec2014 19 February 2015 (pdf 674 KB)
Current scores for allocated sites 20 November 2014 (pdf 16 KB)
Waste Site Scoring Template WM13 1 December 2016 (word 112 KB)
Landfill Site Scoring Template WM15 1 December 2016 (word 116 KB)

 National Waste Policy

The National Planning Policy for Waste and accompanying Planning Practice Guidance provide a waste policy framework at a national level.