LCR Ecological Network

EN logoThe Liverpool City Region (LCR) Ecological Network is an evidence base which comprises ecological and biodiversity information on the City Region’s natural assets. It’s purpose is to identify opportunities to enable better protection and management of those natural assets and at the same time, describes opportunities to create new natural assets.

The LCR Ecological Network comprises:

  • A Core Biodiversity Area;
  • Linear features;
  • Stepping Stone sites; and
  • A Nature Improvement Area and 17 Focus Area profiles. When combined these 17 Focus Areas form the LCR Nature Improvement Area (NIA) which provides a LCR-wide opportunity for the strategic delivery of biodiversity outcomes.

MEAS has led preparation of the LCR Ecological Network in very close dialogue and co-operation with planning colleagues in all the LCR Districts since 2008. This has been a substantial undertaking which has taken several years to reach this advanced stage. The relationship with Local Plan policies has been very carefully considered.

Heads of Planning from all six LCR Local Authorities plus West Lancashire Borough Council approved the LCR Ecological Network as part of the evidence base for their Local Plans on 6 November 2015. This is a most welcome step forward.

The LCR Ecological Network report can be downloaded here and an interactive map can be accessed here.