Biodiversity Net Gain

LCR Biodiversity Net Gain Information Note


The Environment Act was enacted into law in November 2021 and, following a two-year transition period which will end in November 2023, it will be a mandatory requirement for development to provide a minimum 10% Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG). The below Information Note has been produced in order to give an introduction to BNG and to set out the current approach to BNG within the Liverpool City Region and the steps being undertaken towards its implementation.

The Information Note provides an overview of BNG in the LCR, key considerations for planning, development and land management in the interim for planning officers, developers and applicants on the current level of information required to support a planning application before 10% BNG becomes mandatory.

The Information Note will be updated once further legislation and guidance becomes available.

  BNG LCR Information Note Dec 2022