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Core Work

Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service (MEAS) is a specialist unit which provides advice to the six District Councils which make up the Liverpool City Region (see our clients) on specific environmental matters. Our main customers within the districts are the planning departments to whom we provide environmental advice on planning applications, major projects and planning policy.

Please see our areas of expertise to see the range of subjects in which we offer advice.

MEAS also works in support of the wider environmental agenda in the Liverpool City Region through input to, and management of specific projects and partnerships. MEAS is passionate about embedding sustainability and investment in the natural economy into the policies and strategy of our District customers and the wider Liverpool City Region.  We seek to deliver high quality and resilient places where competitive success is strengthened through management and investment in our natural assets.

Sefton District Council, on behalf of the six client Districts, provide MEAS with office accommodation in Bootle and with a range of support services. Our full address and contact details are provided on our contact page.

How we work

  • People: We employ and invest in passionate and talented staff with a unique range of skills and experience enabling us to deliver solutions for you;

  • Best Service: We provide an efficient, integrated and multi-disciplinary service to meet your priorities;

  • Solutions: Working with you, we will provide innovative, risk assessed approaches to challenging environmental issues;

  • Ethics: We play our part in being champions for the environment including ethical sourcing and working practices;

  • Good Value: We ensure you receive value for money by providing an efficient, transparent and high quality professional service;

  • Relationships: We value our relationships with our customers and staff by working to highest professional standards and treating everyone with respect.